meHi, I’m Elizabeth and welcome to Live ‘n Learn Now! After years of helping my own children through childhood, adolescence and now to see them as wonderful adults, one of them has become a new parent and has convinced me to share my parenting thoughts.

We are constantly teaching our children, but we must also learn how to handle every new situation. It’s a cliche, but if only an instruction manual was available! Not that it would do much good as every child is unique and the same methods often get different results, so it’s a constant learning experience for all of us.

Since meeting my new grandson many of the memories of raising my own children have flooded back. Sure it’s different a world now to the 1980’s but some difficulties¬†never change, lack of sleep for one. I’ll mainly be watching the new challenges from the sideline¬†as I see my grandson (and hopefully more!) grow up, but no matter the current trends and issues it always comes down to ensuring each child feels safe, secure and loved.